Woozworld 10.9 Update

Hey Woozens,

Woozworld 10.9 is rolling out, for both web and app users! Read on to see what's new:

Unitz Management tools

We're giving you 2 new tools to help you manage your experience in different Unitz:

#1 "Unitz Search" allows you to quickly see a list of all of the Woozens that are currently in the Unitz! The "Unitz Search" also allows you to easily select a Woozen to interact with:

#2 "Move Woozen"

As the owner of the Unitz, you can now move Woozens around, in addition to furniture, when in Edit Mode. Use this to:

  • Control lines and queues in your Unitz
  • Decide who gets in, without Woozens cheating their way in
  • Send people "to jail" (metaphorically) when they're not behaving or following the rules of your games
  • Teleport yourself around (yes you can also use it on yourself!)

The days of dropping furni on someone to send them back to the gateway are over! (obviously, you can still do it if you want)

Bug fixes / General improvements

  • Fixed an issue with Unitz thumbnails not properly zoomed in. They will be fixed the next time you update them.
  • When editing your Unitz and moving furniture around, the camera will now auto-follow when you reach the edge of the screen, making it easier to move stuff around in big Unitz or while zoomed-in.
  • The Actionz panel now opens on PoseZ by default
  • Also includes a bunch of smaller bug fixes and improvements not listed here

Something else coming SOON

This 10.9 update is also meant to get all of your apps ready for our next feature coming real soon. Stay tuned for something BIG next week!

We hope you enjoy our latest improvements!

Woozworld Staff

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