Woozworld 10.8 Update - RECOLOR Tokens


Woozworld 10.8 is now out, with the new Recolor Tokens (you read that right!), new Leaderboards and Achievements for collecting resources, and EVEN MORE improvements! Read below for more details:

Introducing the Recolor Tokens

One of the most requested features ever, you now have the ability to recolor (most of) your previously colored items using Recolor Tokens, which can be acquired from the store:

When using your Closet, you're now able to select new colors for an existing item that you had previously colored. When applying the change, you'll be required to pay 1 token to set the new colors:

You can do the same for your furniture while you are editing your Unitz. When the gold circle appears in the editing tool, that means you will be able to change the colors of your items. Check out an example below:

There's also a way to revert the item back to it's colorable state. This way, you (or the next owner) will be able to choose the new colors that you want. You can do this by browsing through your Inventory. You'll notice most (but not all) items show a grayed-out color wheel, letting you know those can be made colorable again. Select the item and click Make Colorable. This operation costs 5 tokens.

The grayed-out colorwheel will also appear in the Marketplace, in ShopPods, during Trades, and in Crafting Tables, letting you know which items you'll be able to recolor once you acquire them:

Change your furniture colors directly from the Unitz

You can now recolor your items directly from the Unitz, without having to send them back to your inventory first. Simply use this button after selecting the furniture in Edit Mode:

New Leaderboards for collecting resources

There's now plenty of new Leaderboards for you to master! In addition to the weekly Votes leaderboards, we now have a weekly leaderboard for most of the collected resources from the Forest and the Mine. Will you make it to the Top 10?

New Achievements and User Titles for collecting resources & making it to the leaderboards, will also soon be available (in a few days).

Other improvements and bug fixes

  • Improved the zoom level of your Unitz thumbnails (you'll first need to update your Unitz to see the change)
  • Before building a Crafting Table, you can now preview what you'll be able to build with it. Use the Question Mark button next to it:

  • You will be able to see the profile picture of the Woozen sending you a friend request in the pop-ups
  • Added a confirmation message when you unfriend someone (to prevent unfriending people by accident)
  • Removed old achievements that could not be completed anymore
  • Many other small fixes not listed here

We hope you enjoy our latest improvements! Stay tuned, we're always preparing new cool stuff coming soon :)

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