Woozworld 10.6 Update


Woozworld 10.6 is rolling out, for both web and app users! There are a few improvements in this version, and a lot of preparation for a new feature coming soon in the next few weeks..... stay tuned!! In the meantime, check out all the fun new features of the 10.6 version:

Implemented Sound Effects

Sounds are now back in Woozworld! We've added different sound effects that are now played when interacting with the user interface, when doing different actions in-game, and when receiving new messages, votes, earning Beex or Wooz, etc. If it's too loud or not loud enough, you can adjust the volume through the Settings in the new Audio section:

Music isn't back yet, but we're working on something to bring some back in one of the next few updates. Stay tuned for more details on this!

Improvements to Quests

For Quests that are displayed in the top-left corner of the screen, it will now show you the next task you need to complete. This is to help you keep track of your progress and make things easier for you without having to open your Quest Journal every time:

Also, you can manually track any other Quest in your Quest Journal by clicking the Favorite button at the top of your Quest Journal. It will automatically add them to the list in the corner of your screen:

We've also added a nicer animation for when you complete a Quest, showing you what you've earned:

Stay tuned......with the brand new feature (still a secret!) coming in the next few weeks, there will be a bunch of new Quests added, as well as many new Daily Quests!!

Changes to Energy

We've added back the Timer that shows you how long before your next Energy point refills:

Also, please note that starting today using your Votes and Saving pictures to your albums will no longer require using your energy! Pretty soon, you'll need to use your energy for........something else......something new that's coming in the next few weeks :)

New setting: Start in the World

Do you ever wish you could skip everything in the WoozIN and log in straight to World? You can now change that by activating the Start in the World setting, in the Woozworld Experience section. By doing so, you'll land directly in the World after login on www.woozworld.com (this setting is available only to web users)

Bug fixes / General improvements

  • Also includes a bunch of smaller bug fixes and improvements not listed here

We hope you enjoy our latest improvements! As you've seen through these notes, something big and new is coming soon in the next few weeks. Please keep an eye on the blog to get more details soon!

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