Woozworld 10.5 Update


Woozworld 10.5 is rolling out, both for web and app users! We heard your feedback, and have brought back your fave avatar walking animation that was previously available in the old mobile app. In this new update, the avatars walk in a much smoother and natural way. And it's now finally available for the web users as well. Stay tuned for even more improvements to it in future updates.

We also did some improvements with the Color Picker to make it easier to color your items, and to apply whole color palettes faster! See below for more details and what other fixes are included in this update.

Faster and more precise way to pick different colors

When an item has many customizable colors, you can now switch between each of them while keeping the Color Picker open, no need to open and close it every time. Once you've set all the colors, simply click the Checkmark to confirm, or the X to reset the colors.

Also, when choosing your color in the Color Picker you now need to drag your mouse cursor around, instead of simply moving it over. This allows you to be more precise and avoid slightly changing the color when you click to choose it.

Apply a whole color palette at once

If you like using the same color codes / palettes on different items, we have a great new feature for you! When coloring an item, you can now use the Apply button (next to your saved Favorites colors) to automatically apply them all at once to the item you're looking at. You can save up to 4 different palettes and preview the item with your fave colors all with one simple click.

Bugs Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where you could sometimes get stuck not being able to pick up Collectibles after collecting too many quickly
  • Fixed an issue on Mac when using the Safari browser, where sometimes you wouldn't be able to complete a purchase from the Store

We hope you enjoy our latest improvements! New features, improvements, and more bug fixes are on their way in the upcoming weeks. Stay tuned!

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