Woozworld 10.4 Update


Woozworld 10.4 is rolling out, both for web and mobile users! We've now brought back the ability to save your favorite colors (now also available to web users!), as well as the previous in-game Chat windows for web users. We've also fixed many issues introduced in the previous updates. Please read below for all the details:

Save your Favorite Colors

Say goodbye to typing out hex codes! You can now save your favorite colors in your closet and access them easily whenever you have a new item.

Just use the + button below to save a color to one of the available slots (up to 24 slots available):

The steps are slightly different for web and app users:


  1. Click + button
  2. Select the slot you want to save to
  3. Select the color you'll save


  1. Select the color you want to save
  2. Touch the + button
  3. Pick the slot you'll to save it to

In-game Chat windows (for web version only)

We also brought back for web users the old way of using the chat, that most of you preferred. You can now use both the Chat History and Private Chat at the same time in separate windows. They're not stuck to the side of the screen anymore, either! You can still customize their colors, text size and even the transparency of the windows, to adapt it to your taste:

Did you prefer the other chat system we introduced back in January? You can switch back to it by unchecking the Use in-game chat option in the Settings:

Other General Improvements to Woozworld 10.4

  • The Show furniture tags button in the Studio HUD only appears if there are actual tags in the Unitz
  • App version: you now get a preview + confirmation popup when using a Door, to make sure you know where it's leading you to
  • Many smaller improvements

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where you could sometimes be sent back to the end of the queue while waiting to enter a Unitz
  • Fixed an issue where you could get stuck after opening a Mystery Grabz and needed to reload the game
  • Improved connectivity and idle detection, to prevent random disconnects to the server
  • Fixed an issue where Posez (on avatars and on statue) sometimes didn't appear properly
  • App: Fixed an issue that prevented you from collecting too many Jobs quickly
  • App: Fixed an issue where you could get stuck when trying to re-order your Unitz list
  • Fixed an issue that could create glitch in the Marketplace if you were on a very slow connection
  • Fixed an issue where you sometimes didn't receive your Wooz reward for watching a video or completing an offer
  • Many other smaller bug fixes

We hope you enjoy our latest improvements! New features, improvements and more bug fixes are on their way in the upcoming weeks. Stay tuned!

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