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We're introducing Woozworld 10.3 to you with an improved Unitz Edit Mode... But also... The updated Woozworld app will be rolling out today! That means everything you read in past blog posts will apply to both platforms, unless noted otherwise. One thing to mention about the current app, the saved colors are currently missing. This will be back in a future update for both the app and web client. We will keep you updated!

Here are some of the changes for Woozworld 10.3:

Improved Unitz Edit Mode

We made a few improvements to the Unitz Edit Mode to make it easier for you and to give you better tools when designing your Unitz.

Adding & Customizing Furniture

While in Edit Mode, press the Add furniture button to open the panel on the left:

Choose any item you own from the side-panel on the left by selecting it. Once selected, you can preview what it will look like inside your Unitz. When you select a furniture from your left side panel Inventory, a new window will appear at the bottom of your screen. This is where you can set the color of furniture before placing or rotating them.

When you're ready to add the item, just click your mouse when it's at your preferred location (or if you're using the mobile app, tap the Place button in the bottom panel). If you own a stack of the same item, you can click multiple times to add as many as you own. You'll see a counter above the buttons at the bottom showing you how many you have left to place.

When you are placing a furniture you have a stack of in the Woozworld app, it will auto-detect the pattern if you place them in a line and will help you position the next ones automatically.

Here's a quick demo gif to better understand it, both for web and mobile versions:

Web version:

Mobile version:

Missing Furniture While Designing

We've added a ShopZ shortcut to the Inventory aide panel while you are adding furniture to your Unitz. You know when you're in the middle of designing your brand new Unitz but you realize you're missing something? We've all been there... But worry no more! You now have easy access to every furniture that's currently available in ShopZ, directly from the side panel.

Simply click on the ShopZ tab in the side panel. You can use the categories dropdown and Search field to easily find what you're looking for.

After selecting an item from the ShopZ tab, the price will be shown in the bottom panel:

Like adding furniture from your inventory, you can adjust the color and rotation. When you place the furniture, you will get a confirmation popup to purchase.

Most Used Items Shortcuts

For those of you who are masters at designing Unitz, we've created some shortcuts to help with accessing what you use the most.

After you've selected a furniture in the side-panel, you can drag it to place it in one of the 8 special shortcuts slots at the top of the screen. When a furniture is placed there, you can quickly select it at any time simply by clicking on it, instead of having to scroll through your whole inventory to find it again (very useful for furniture you use often, like different types of tiles.)

If you want to be really fast, you can also use these new shortcuts with your keyboard (web/PC version only). Simply use SHIFT + a number on your keyboard (from 1 to 8) while a furniture is selected in the side-panel. This will automatically create the shortcut. Then when you want to use it, simply type the corresponding number on your keyboard and it will automatically select it.

Other General Improvements to Woozworld 10.3

  • Improved Custom HUD behavior: dropping a shortcut on top of another will swap the shortcuts instead of creating a new folder. To create a new folder, hold the shortcut on top of another for a few seconds.

  • Taking a new profile picture now respects your avatar rotation, so you can now have a profile picture from any angle
  • Many other smaller usability improvements

Other Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where searching through your "Actionz" window didn't work as expected
  • Many other smaller bug fixes

We hope you enjoy our latest improvements! Keep an eye out for the app update coming soon.

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