Woozworld 10.2 Update


It's been a hot minute since our last release notes. We have been working on preparing an app update which will bring the new Woozworld experience to mobile! This update will be coming very soon but in the meantime, we released Woozworld 10.2 today. Working on the mobile app, it helped us make a lot of improvements to better the Woozworld experience. Here are some of the changes for Woozworld 10.2:

Changes to the view camera

Your zoom level will now be saved and remembered for when you travel from Unitz to Unitz. As you enter a Unitz, we will show you the Unitz in full so you can see what's going on and then the camera will auto zoom to where you had set it.

New Settings Menu

All the different settings are now regrouped in this window to be easier to find and use. You should take some time to go through it, you might discover settings you didn't know about that can make your Woozworld experience even better! If you're not sure what a setting does, click on the question mark (?) next to it to get an explanation.

You'll also find a few brand new settings we added:

  • You can turn "SmartView" ON or OFF so that the camera automatically follows your avatar as you move
  • You can turn "Fullscreen photo" setting ON to automatically capture your whole screen when taking a picture, or keep it OFF to let you decide the capture size

Marketplace Improvements

We made a few changes to make managing Your items in the Marketplace much easier.

You can now add items to the Marketplace from your Inventory, without actually opening the Marketplace.

We also added an Actions side-panel in Your Items section, where you can use different actions:

  • Reactivate all your expired items
  • Remove all your sold items
  • Deactivate all your items (more details below about this)

We've added the ability to deactivate items that you currently have for sale in the Marketplace. When you deactivate an item, it will stop being listed in the Marketplace but remain in Your Items list. The item will no longer count towards the limit of items you can sell at once. Deactivating an item will still keep it in Your Items rather than going to your Inventory. You may find it useful for when you want to keep an item in the Marketplace and not need to constantly re-add it from your Inventory. You have the option of deactivating all your items at once or deactivating them individually.

Other General Improvements

  • Redesigned the Menu to be easier to use and find what you need
  • New setting for the in-world notification pop-ups: you can now customize where they show up
  • News and latest blog posts can now be accessed from in-world, and are displayed during the login process
  • New option in a Unitz to show all the tags on furnitures at the same time. Click once to show them all, click a second time to hide them all. Or close them manually by clicking on each. This will help you see and read tags left by the owner much easier

  • Added the ability to set your Status + Mood directly from your profile window

  • Added a preview after you update your profile pic

  • Added a confirmation popup when blocking another Woozen
  • Added tool tips while in Edit Mode to help guide what you want to do
  • Many other smaller usability improvements

Other Bug Fixes

  • Fixed / improved different issues regarding network connectivity
  • Fixed an issue where some avatars didn't have the hand on hip in the profile window
  • Fixed an issue where the Fortune Teller and other misc furnitures didn't talk anymore
  • Fixed an issue where Your Items in the Marketplace would appear as expired for you a few hours before they really were
  • Many other smaller bug fixes

We hope you enjoy our latest improvements! Keep an eye out for the app update coming soon.

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