Woozword Update: Sitting Phase 1

Tired-of-standing-for-years-and-years Woozens,

Today we are officially bringing the looooooong awaited (much requested) feature of sitting to Woozworld!!

As of today, we have updated over 100 chairs and sofas that you can now sit on! Chairs & sofas that have been updated now have a small chair icon to let you know that you can sit on them. You can find this icon by looking at the furniture in your inventory!

You may remember a while back, we mentioned that this would be a work in progress. Soooo, if your fave chair is not sit-able yet, fret not! This is only the beginning! Buuuut, please note that the really, REALLY old chairs/sofas may not be updated.

Of course, we will keep you in the loop as we continue to update more chairs & sofas!

We can't wait to see what kind of hangouts & games you'll create!

Woozworld Staff

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