Woozword's First Fall Festival

Fall-frenzied Woozens, have we got the festival for you!

After an eventful Halloween season, let's slow things down a bit with a...

Fall Festival!

Let's celebrate sweater weather with all things cozy and cute. Throw on your favorite comfy sweater, grab a delicious, warm beverage and join us at Woozworld's first Fall Festival on Friday, November 20!

The Fall Festival is pretty low-key, but there is still lots to look forward to! Not only will you be able to admire Woozworld's colourful fall foliage, but Basil (remember him?) has also been preparing something for just this occasion... His best and most beautiful pumpkins yet! And an extra special one he can't wait to show off.

If you're ready to relax and take in the beautiful fall scenery, don't miss the Fall Festival on Friday, November 20! Keep your eyes peeled for it in the Woozworld Navigation!

See you there!

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