Woozen UnitZ: Mystic Alley - Result

Hello Designer Woozens,

Hello, this is Designer Mack, and I am here to announce the results of the Mystic Alley UnitZ Design Contest.

There were numerous excellent UnitZ in the contest, making it difficult to select just one to transform into our official Mystic Alley UnitZ.

However, with careful thought and assistance from my friend Nora, we ultimately chose a fortunate woozen.

dinzie - Mystic Alley: Pixie Village 

You understood the concept we wanted very well! The magic of Mystic Alley and all its fairy tale beauty is very well represented!

Congratulations, your statue will be added shortly to the official UnitZ in Mystic Alley.

I'll be back soon with another Contest for all Woozens to show their UnitZ creation skill.

Designer Mack