Woozen UnitZ: Cortoza - Result

Hello Designer Woozens,

It's me, Designer Mack, back with our Cortoza UnitZ Design Contest results.

We had many good UnitZ in this contest, so it was not easy to convert one into our new official Cortoza UnitZ. But after long consideration and with some help from my brother Jack, we choose one lucky woozen.

-Darnell Cortoza Castle Caved Entrance

Good Job -Darnell, you manage to keep the essence of Cortoza and mix it with les goûts du jour! Very well application of all the tips and tricks I gave over the last weeks.

Congratulations, your statue was added to the official UnitZ in Cortoza

I'll be back soon with another Contest for all Woozens to show their UnitZ creation skill.

Designer Mack