Woozen UnitZ: Colony VI : Winner

Hello Designers Woozens,

It's me again, Designer Mack.

I'm here to announce the winner of our Colony VI Unit Design Contest.

Jack informed me that Woozens has a talent for creating UnitZ, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that your creations exceeded my expectations.

Perhaps my tips were of assistance.

The contest had many impressive UnitZ entries, making it difficult to select just one to become the official Colony VI UnitZ.

However, with careful deliberation and the assistance of my close friend Nora, we ultimately chose a fortunate Woozen.

Artemis 7E05 Station by eNicole

Congratulations eNicole, whose creativity will forever be enshrined in Colony VI, alongside her statue that will be unveiled tomorrow as the official UnitZ of Woozworld!

I will be back soon with another Contest for all Woozens to show off their Unit creation skills.

*All prizes will be awarded tomorrow.*

Designer Mack