Woozen Poster Creation: Fashion Show

Greetings, my fellow Woozens,

I recently discovered that there are new posters available for purchase in the ShopZ, which are created by talented Woozens.

The designs are truly impressive and I am eager to acquire a few to bring back to Zyxalar as souvenirs for my loved ones.

As you are aware, Zyxalarians have a great interest in fashion.

Therefore, let's organize a Poster Creation Contest with the theme of the Fashion Show.

You must create a poster using assets from Woozworld and following the given theme.

The winners will receive 4k Wooz, a title, and be selected as a Royal Nominee.

You can draw or edit the poster as you wish.

Among the winners announced, we will select 3 pieces of art to be turned into posters.

To submit your art, click HERE. However, please make sure to carefully review the rules beforehand.

- Your art must be in the Fashion Show Theme.

- No AI Art

- The more Woozworld in your art, the more chances you have to win.

- Your art must respect the code of conduct.

- Your submission must be done until June 22, at 4 p.m. W.T.

The results will be shared through a blog on June 23rd. The furniture from the posters will be delivered in the upcoming weeks.

Good luck, Woozens!