Woozalia's Tabloid - RESULT

Hey Woozens,

I told you they could not stop us all!

And now I come back with the freshest gossip, directly from the Royal Woozalia Resort!

You are welcome.



Since the renovations of this new hotel, Nora has been faced with a lot of stress and work all by herself, which means ALL EYES ON HER. After staff realized she couldn't handle this on her own, they sent her help. But Nora took it as a sign that they didn't trust her?


ROYAL WOOZALIA DRAMA! Celeb pool date goes awry! Makeup meltdown exposes woman's hidden face, leaving her mortified! Man's stunned reaction caught on camera! Details at Woozalia's Tabloid!


Moustache Madness in the Museum

Famous painting Mona Beexa stolen from the resort museum and replaced with an impostor. Almost identical, but did she have quite that much facial hair before?


How can we CALM DOWN when Taylor Swift was caught relaxing in the Woozalia Resort Spa?!


"SHOCKING HEIST AT WOOZALIA RESORT: Mel Odious Strikes AGAIN, Attempts To Snatch Priceless Woozen Art in Daring Theft!''

In a brazen act of audacity, notorious thief Mel Odious has once AGAIN made WoozNewZ headlines with his latest (failed) heist at the latest Woozalia Resort! Mel Odious orchestrated a planned heist, targeting the new iconic Woozen art pieces that adorned the resort's halls but have thankfully returned to their rightful place within the halls of the Woozalia Resort.

Many Woozens have reported seeing (not very impressive) masked figures bypassing the security measures at Woozalia Resort and disappearing with the priceless artwork and replacing the art with statues of Mel Odious himself.

It is speculated that Mel Odious (known for his stealing) has participated in this theft to adorn the UnitZ of the HollyWooz Elites! (SHAMEFUL). Despite Odious's reputation for deception, he was no match for the unwavering dedication of the Woozen's bringing light to his diabolical crime.


Da Vinki Did It? Investigating the Strange Disappearance of Mel Odious' Golden Statue at Royal Woozalia Resort

Intrigue deepens as Mel Odious' statue goes missing at Royal Woozalia Resort. Could Mr Zoom's mask conceal Mel Odious' true face in a Da Vinci-style scheme?


"Mysterious Encounter at the Royal Woozalia Resort: Are Mr. Zoom and Mack working together?"

Mr. Zoom spotted handing Mack an envelope right outside of Woozalia's Workshop. Following that, the Air Conditioner in the Master Suite malfunctioned. Could there be a plot to disrupt the honeymoon?


Extra Extra!!!! Read all about it!! Builder Jack Tools has gone missing? So apparently Builder Jack has been hired to do some repairs and renovations at the Royal Woozalia Resort, however, he got hired instead of Nora and she was bumped out. His tools are missing from the Woozalia Workshop and he is wondering where could they be, is this a sabotage!? Apparently, some woozalia staff are saying Nora took Builder Jack's tools because she did not get the job!


Local Royal Woozalia Resort - Swimming With Rats!

The Local Royal Woozila Resort may not be as cleanly as advertised! Multiple sightings of a rat infestation have been reported all over the resort!


-The Woozalia Hotel's Frosty Mystery-

In the opulent confines of the Woozalia Hotel after their encounter with an employee's of Woozalia's restaurant disrespectful behavior , the honeymoon of the elusive Ice Queen and her regal Ice King Jack took a dramatic turn when a discreet cameraman, hidden amidst the laundry machines, captured their encounter with the impudent staff. Enraged by the discourtesy, the couple unleashed their icy powers, inadvertently freezing the machinery all the laundry machines in retaliation, unaware of the SILENT OBSERVER documenting their actions. As rumors of the incident swirled through the corridors, embellished by imaginative guests, the clandestine footage became the talk of the hotel. Speculations about the couple's origins and abilities reached fever pitch, with some suggesting they hailed from a realm of eternal winter, while others spun tales of sorcery. Meanwhile, the hotel staff, perplexed by the malfunctioning machines, remained oblivious to the presence of the incriminating evidence. The revelation of the cameraman's footage added a new layer of intrigue to the mysterious honeymooners..

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