WoozWeekly: Max Back To His Old Ways?!

Breaking news, Woozens!

History MIGHT just be repeating itself!

As you all know, back in 2014, Max ABANDONED Jenny on her BIRTHDAY to take care of his all-important cactus farm. This selfish action eventually led to the BREAK-UP of the once-adored couple. The break-up destroyed Jenny, who even turned to Zeena for support.

Well, Woozens, it looks like Max might be creeping back to his old habits!

A source close to the couple, who wishes to remain anonymous, says, "Max has gotten in over his head with Jenny. Everything is moving so quickly this time around… He's starting to think he's bitten off more than he can chew."

Can you BELIEVE this?! You'd better, because it's 100% accurate and true.

Another friend of Max's, who would like to withhold their identity for privacy reasons, explains the importance of cacti in Max's life. "They're almost like a security blanket for him… Whenever he feels overwhelmed or stressed, he starts spending more and more time at the farm," the source continues, "Honestly… If I were Jenny right now, I'd be worried."

Still having trouble believing that Max is getting cold feet?! I have even more proof for you! Seeing is believing, after all.

These EXCLUSIVE photos show Max tending to SEVERAL cacti just this week.

There you have it, Woozens. PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE of Max's lack of commitment to his relationship with Jenny.

As always, this journalist will keep you updated as the story, which is sure to cause some drama, unfolds.

As always,