WoozWeekly: Jenny's HUGE Birthday Bash

We're all well aware that Jenny and Max have rekindled their once-rocky romance (you're welcome), but did you know just how far Max is going to keep Jenny happy this time around?

A source close to the couple says that Max is doing everything he can to make Jenny's upcoming birthday the best she's ever had. "He definitely doesn't want to let Jenny down again," says our source, "He wants to show everyone he's not the same Max he was all those years ago… Especially Jenny."

Jenny has been indecisive about what she wants to do for her birthday, a friend claims. "Max has been so eager to please that he's jumping at every hint or whim Jenny mentions," the friend says. According to this same source, out of his eagerness, Max has BOUGHT a remote, private island (valued at 100,000,000 Wooz) and rented a private jet for the bash. He's even said to have had a star named after Jenny. Wow.

If you ask this reporter, all these grand, romantic gestures Max is pulling REEK of desperation. But, that's just this reporter's opinion.

Either way, April 27th is sure to be, at the very least, entertaining.

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