WoozPaper Issue #4

Happy Sunday, Woozens! 

Welcome to the first ever Sunday edition of the WoozPaper! I hope the weekend has been cheerful and sunny and might I say, snowy? I mean, what's Woozmas without a bit of snow!?

Just to mention, this WoozPaper is the last one of 2022. Issue #4 will come out in January. That doesn't stop you from writing some of your own articles for next year though. Submit your own right here!

Account Safety

Watch out for phishing sites that try to collect your Woozworld login information. Never enter your Woozworld login information outside of https://www.woozworld.com. Do not trust any sites promising you anything free. 

Make sure your Woozworld password is unique (not used on any other website) and includes uppercase, lowercase, numbers and special characters. 

Not on the Guestlist? No Entry.

With our recent update, we've added a guestlist feature to your Unitz. When activated, only Woozens you add to the Guestlist will be allowed entry. You can use this for your private events or parties or just to hangout with specific friends. You can update the Guestlist at any time.

Mariah Wooz

The self-proclaimed Queen of Woozmas is appearing around Woozworld. Find her (when you get the notification) and work together to send her in the other direction. If you are the Woozen that did the last click, she will leave you with a Woozmas GrabZ gift. She's more likely to drop a rare+ item.

Return of SpellZ

SpellZ have made their great return to Woozworld, specifically the animated ones. While right now you can only use them on yourself, we hope they bring some nostalgia. New SpellZ will be coming out in the future and you may see a contest starting December 26.

Your New Year Resolutions

With the New Year coming, I want to know what your 2023 resolutions are. Submit yours here and I will feature some in our first WoozPaper of 2023. Woozens that get theirs posted will receive a New York City Snow Globe.

And that's the WoozPaper. I end this WoozPaper with a Woozen article. If you would like to submit an article, you can do so here. The Woozen below will receive a pair of Ice BlockZ.


Woozmas in Woozworld

by MiniStar2008

Woozmas is coming soon, in like 9 days! (editor note: 7 now!)

Here's some ideas on what to do to make Woozmas more fun in Woozworld.

-Firstly, you can make a cozy Unitz (with the latest Woozmas furniture in ShopZ) to hangout with your friends and party.

-Secondly, who doesn't love to dress up for Woozmas? You can buy all the latest clothing items for Woozmas in Shopz. But if you don't have enough wooz and beex, don't worry! Woozens here hold many events in which they give out clothes and beex for free. You can go to the Eventz section in the navigator to know when the event is going to happen.

-Thirdly, you can buy presents for your fellow Woozens to make their day. It is the season of giving after all!

-Fourthly, you can adopt a cute new bestiz as a companion during Woozmas. Woozworld just released their lastest bestiz call New York Rat in Shopz!

-Lastly, you can attend Woozmas Parties. Many Woozens hold Woozmas parties in their unit.

So go to one and enjoy!


Thank you for reading and note the WoozPaper will be back in 2023!


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