WoozPaper Issue #3

Happy end of week, Woozens!

This has been one super busy week but I'm happy I get to sit down and write Issue #3 for the WoozPaper. Last week I mentioned a Pokemon weekend and this one will likely be gift shopping. Famously I get gifts sooooo close to the day... maybe next year I'll plan ahead. ANYWAY, here's Issue #3.


We had a small delay in the launch but, its here! Woozmas has finally arrived and the Woozworld Plaza may even get a bit frosty for the season. 

Win Some Ice BlockZ

In Issue #2 I had mentioned you would get a chance to win some Ice BlockZ this week. Unfortunately due to this super busy week, we couldn't get that up and running. BUT, its scheduled to launch Wednesday December 14. How? 

When you login on December 14, you will have a new Quest. You will just need to answer the poll and you've entered for a chance to get a pair. I'll select 15 Woozens to receive a pair of Ice BlockZ.

Advent Calendar

Our Woozmas Advent Calendar will be starting next week on December 15 and run until January 8th. Every day that you connect, you will be able to get a little gift from us.

Push Notifications

Speaking of gifts... if you use or have the Woozworld app, be sure to enable notifications for Woozworld. Not only will you get the latest happenings but we will be sending some extra gifts here. If you don't have the Woozworld app, be sure to get it from your device's app store.

annnnd that's it! I end this WoozPaper with 2 articles written by Woozens. If you would like to submit an article, you can do so here. The lucky Woozens below will receive a pair of Ice BlockZ.


BestiZ Love 

by foxgluv

Happy Friday!

Can you hear sleigh bells ringing? Christmas is just around the corner and there are plenty of fun things to look forward to, including the first ever WNS (Woozmas Next Superstar, that is), but I fear our beloved BestiZ are prone to be forgotten whilst we are all having fun!

It's getting quite chilly in the Northern hemisphere... what better way to warm your hands up than taking care of your BestiZ? BestiZ are the new and improved pets, re-introduced roughly a year ago and can be levelled up, taught skills and perform tricks. They act as your companion, following you around in UnitZ! Personally, I cannot wait for the Elf BestiZ to be back for the holiday season (hopefully).

Here are some tips and tricks to help level them up quickly:

- You can buy high quality or premium versions of the food your BestiZ requires so they level up faster. 

- If this is slgihtly out of your budget, do check out some Woozen-made BestiZ Daycare UnitZ as they often are fully stocked with food, water and decorated with your BestiZ' needs in mind!

- Baths in the BestiZ Bath Tub reward your companion with a lot of +XP.

- Need water? Some Woozworld-owned UnitZ will have water sources that replenish every so often, so you can never run out; Mystic Alley has a couple, do take the time to explore the NationZ and find out where they are ;)

- Made a mistake in using your Skill PointZ? You can reset them at any time (incurring a small fee) so you can ensure that your BestiZ can be the track star of their dreams!

Hope these tips helped you, and be sure to sleigh the day!


Being Thankful 

by slimshady

Happy (almost) Woozmas, Woozens!

As the holiday season is approaching, we all talk about the things and the people we are thankful for. We all have a bit of drama (perhaps a bit too much) so I'd like us all to think about all the good things that have happened this year, and the people that have come into our lives that make us grateful. 

Ten years ago, I met my best friend on Woozworld! It's truly crazy how fast time flies and the people we grew up with still remain in our lives. I hope this holiday season, you all will join me in being thankful for our friends, family, and the good things, no matter how small they may seem throughout the year. 

Happy Holidays! <3 slimshady


Enjoy your weekend Woozens and don't forget about WNS! 


ps. Isn't the blog image such a tease?

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