WoozPaper Issue #2

Happy Friday, Woozens! 

December is here and it feels like time has just flown by. We went from YetiLand to WnW (we hear session 5 is still coming) to HollyWooz in what felt like 5 seconds. It's been such busy past few weeks.. this weekend will be just FULL relax while playing some Pokemon Scarlet (yes, Fuecoco was my starter). Let's get into the WoozPaper! 

WoozCup Finale, But Without A Ref

Congratulations to the Real HollyWooz team, owned by Zoey Zellers, for the huge success of the WoozCup. Everyone in the team will get a special title, speech bubble and PoseZ to celebrate the win. These will be delivered in the upcoming days. 

But in a weird turn of events... the ref mysteriously just left early in the week. We have no idea where he went. I guess it's another Woozworld mystery...

Woozmas Is Coming

Tis the season is here and ShopZ is about to get a lot more seasoned. Early next week the full furniture, clothing and Unitz categories will be available. You may even see some Unitz appear back in Featured from the past. What will you do with all the Woozmas joy?

Woozworld's Next Superstar: Woozmas Edition?

As mentioned in the December activities, WNS is happening and for the first time ever, during Woozmas! AND It's all taking place in a lovely Woozmas in New York setting. I truly cannot WAIT for this one, Woozens. 

And that's what I have for you today. I end this WoozPaper with 2 articles written by Woozens. If you would like to submit an article, you can do so here. The lucky Woozens below will receive a pair of Ice BlockZ.


A Woozworld Reflection: My First Month

by Alaia222

Want to know what I truly love about Woozworld? I could not limit my answer by just one word. Not even by a sentence. As I approach a milestone of being on here for more than a month, I would like to reflect and appreciate why this game can captivate, intrigue and make you fall in love with playing it. 

I think one of the reasons I enjoy it is for it's very Y2K-early-internet-nostaligic feel that it carries. It still feels like a games you would play when you first discovered the internet. It also feeds into ones love to decorate and put together outfits and Unitz and explore ones creativity in that. It also most importantly, helps connect many people from around the world. 

I've made friends from every culture and continent. I truly cannot wait to see whats in store for us in the years to come and Woozworld as it continues to grow. There is a reason it has stood the test of time.


Social Spots in Woozworld

by sanseru

Happy (almost) weekend, Woozens!

You may know of Woozworld's social hotspots, and boy, have they changed through the times! Currently, the BEST social hotspots for you to socialize and hang out with friends are (but not limited to):

- BubZ-T Cafe (Lib Street), always buzzing with life and with the newly updated UnitZ limit of 50 Woozens, non-VIPs and latecomers can catch themselves in the action! Often a choice for making new friends, plenty of seats and spaces are offered at BubZ-T. Additionally, it is one of the best places to find new things to do, as people often advertise their events here!

- Club LaZer (Lib Street) is also a firm favorite amongst sociable Woozens who seek to have a good time and find potential love interests. Anything you can think of has probably happened there and it is THE hottest place to be (that is, if it's on Most Popular). 

Moving on from Lib Street.... - HollyWooz boasts a range of hangout spots and social hubs, with one of the most notable being HollyWooz Beach, although it is nearing winter...BUT I have no doubt that the Unitz will be POPPIN' once the HollyWooz season kicks off!

- Woozen-made shops and boutiques are the best places to snag a deal on new outfits, Grabz items and old rares! There are different types of shops that cater to all types of Woozens, regardless of budget. Cheaper 'default' and 'lower than MP (marketplace) stores are where you can get clothes at a bargain price. For those with more cash to splash, do check out the CB (colorable) and rare shops, including many 'questy' items and exclusive collectibles! 

Do keep an eye out for the HollyWooz UnitZ designs, enjoy the World Cup (and WoozCup) and make sure to vote for your favourite Celebrity Look-Alikes in the Contests tab!

Stay woozy!

sanseru <3


Have a beautiful weekend Woozens! Next week, there may be a small contest where you could win yourself some Ice BlockZ. Until then, take care!


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