WoozPaper: Issue #1

Happy Friday, Woozens!

I hope you all have had a great week living your best celebrity (and unverified verified) life. We've been busy managing the HollyWooz celebrities and their needs... and let me tell you... there are not enough green covered chocolate candies in the world to satisfy their hunger. ANYWAY.

This is the WoozPaper (specifically issue #1) where on Fridays, I (Plush) will give you the scoop on what's happened in the week, what's going to be happening and also would like to publish some articles from YOU.

Lara LeChic and Derick Dunn are both looking for a new stylist. Thankfully started a stylist search and voting for their styles starts today. Remember, voting is just to get a top 20 and then Lara and Derick will choose the style that best fits them. The voting periods ends on November 21 and the winners will be announced shortly after.

Not into styling but more into Unitz design? You're in luck! Becky Bennet (HollyWooz's newest celebrity) is looking for her first ever influencer studio. Eddie Egot just bought his first HollyWooz hills mansion but needs the vision of an artist to make it come alive. If either of these contests interest you, be sure to submit for Eddie before November 23 and Becky November 28.

Next week we will see the start of HollyWooz's first ever WoozCup. We hear that Camilla Cooper and Zoey Zellers may have done some big purchases... already hearing Woozarazzi typing up the scoop for FeudZ 2.

Lastly, an important message from the Woozworld team. A friendly reminder that it is against Woozworld Code of Conduct to sell Woozworld accounts, period. Doing so puts you at risk of being permanently sanctioned.

Would you like to write an article for the WoozPaper? If your article is chosen you will receive a little gift from me, Plush, for contributing. You can submit an article HERE.

Have an amazing weekend Woozens and keep warm with some Yetibux! 


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