WoozNews : October 9 - October 14

Hello, Woozens!

Here's what to expect in the coming week! 

Monday: It's time to vote for your favorite Star of the Week outfit!

Tuesday: Get your game Unitz ready! Sowilo will be here to play with you at 3 PM WT.

Wednesday: Lucky Game? Dice Climb? Who knows what game Sowilo will host? You better be ready at 3 PM WT tho!

Thursday: You know it's Treasure Thursday, right? But this week we will add a little surprise for the winner.

Friday: It's time to vote for your favorite Thanksgiving's Unitz!

Saturday: Did you try Sowilo's maze? If not, don't miss it, it's right here!

Sunday: It's THE day to prepare your outfits, unitz for the contests to come later in the week! Remember, the only limit is your creativity!


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