WoozNews : May 1 - May 7

Hello Woozens!

Here's what to expect in the coming week! 

Monday : Last day to get your Unik Duck BlockZ, don't miss it!

Tuesday : New Weekly Quiz for you! 

Wednesday : Sowilo is here to play games with you! Set your event for 3h30PM WT and she will come to see you!

Thursday: It's Treasure Thursday! Let's find out if you've improved your knowledge. You asked for it, you got it! The revenge game will be hosted by Sowilo at 3:30 PM WT

Friday : We keep the pace, we have a new Unitz contest ;) Can you guess what it will be?

Saturday: Top of the week, new outfits, new survey.

Sunday: Last chance to participate in the Star of the Week selfie contest.

Enjoy this beautiful first week of May!


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