WoozNews : March 13 - March 19

Hello Woozens!

We hope you enjoyed the weekend and that the time change did not affect you too much.

Monday : The votes for the Rising Star contest, start! Go and encourage the new members of Woozworld.

Tuesday : Don't miss Sowilo at 3:30 PM, in her garden! 

Wednesday : Vote for your favourite Star of The Week :)

Thursday: A second visit from Sowilo, keep an eye out for where she will be waiting for you!

Friday : It's St Patrick's Day! Don't forget to wear green and a charm for good luck!

Saturday: This Saturday, March 18, we will have our first Top of the Week, where you can vote for the item that came out this week that you liked the most.

Not only will you get a beex treat, but it will help us know which items you liked the most and which you liked the least, so we can create more! Don't forget to participate :)

Sunday: Last day to vote for your favorite Plant a Flower Day Unitz contest! 

Lots of fun this week, don't miss it!

Little spoil, we have a new quest coming soon, which in addition to prizes like songs and items, will also bring some Titles.

One of these Titles will be extremely difficult to get, and only the woozens who work hard (really hard) will unlock this unique and exclusive Title. Good luck!


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