WoozNews : June 5 - June 11

Hello Woozens!

Here's what to expect in the coming week! 

Monday: Time to vote for your favorite Rising Star of the week! Remember, First place gets to be a nominee for Royalty!

Tuesday: New Weekly Quiz, come and try your knowledge!

Wednesday: Get your games Unitz ready! Sowilo will be there at 3h30 PM WT!

Thursday: Treasure Thursday is ready for you! Are you up for the challenge?

Friday: Feeling nostalgic? We have listened to your suggestion made to Sowilo, stay tuned for an old contest!

Saturday: Time to vote for your favorite Unitz!

Sunday: This is a day reserved for fun activities such as contests, mazes, and trivia questions.

Small specifications for Zyxalar's Great Ball.

Selfie contests, Unitz contests, Treasure Thursday winners, and Woozens who help Woozworld be a safe and healthy place, will have a chance to be selected to become royalty nominees.

Keep an eye for the different contests coming up during the month!


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