WoozNews : April 17 - April 23

Hello Woozens!

Here's what to expect in the coming week! 

Monday : Last day to vote for Rising Star Contest and last day to sumbit your outfit for the Star Of the Week contest! 

Tuesday : Weekly Quiz is here again, with new questions to test your knowledge, come and try it!

Don't miss Sowilo in your game Unitz around 3h30 PM WT, she might have tons of questions for you! 

Wednesday : Have you tried all the mazes? Because there were 2 news mazes added recently! 

Thursday: It is with a heavy heart that we announce that this is the end of Clover Phase, make the most if it before Thursday!

Friday : New Unitz contest, are you ready for a new challenge?

Saturday: Top of the Week let us know what you like the most!

Sunday: Whether it's for contests, activities, quests or chatting with your friends. There is always something to do in Woozworld.

Sunday is the perfect day to try something new, a new wired game? A new outfit?


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