WoozNewZ: September 17 - September 23

Hiiiiii Woozens!

How's your week going? Good? GREAT!

Great news about Jim and Val, right?! If you haven't submitted your OMZ Furniture Designs yet, don't worry! There's still time! If you already have, then take a quick mo to check out all the fun stuff comin' your way this week!

This is what you can expect in Woozworld this week:

Thurs September 17: New season, new YOU! Fall in love with the new outfits! Head to Shopz for the latest looks! Don't forget to check out the new Treasure Thursday Blog! AND the Summer School Selfie Winners will be announced!

Fri September 18: Check out these cool & cozy PJ Party Selfie Winners! AND put your ABC's to work at a round of ScatterBrainZ!

Sat September 19: Take your taste buds on a ride with something wacky from the Crazy Combos List! AND get your hard hats ready for the OMZ Improvement Selfie Contest!

Sun September 20: Got the Fall feels? Get lost in the Fall Maze AND check out the Fall Activities Poll!

Mon September 21: A new Star of the Week is born! Find out who won.

Tues September 22: Got a great game idea you wanna show off? Enter into the Woozen Games Contest and you miiiiight win the chance to HOST!

Wed September 23: Wednesdays were made to be wAcKy! Check out this week's wAcKy WeDnEsDaY! It's my ONE YEAR anniversary at Woozworld (Please, please, hold the applause). Make your way through the iCaramba Quiz and you can win a sweet prize!

What are you most looking forward to this week? Let me know in the comments :)

Guac 'n' roll!