WoozNewZ: October 10 - October 16

Hi hi hiiii Woozens!

How's it hanging? I know you're all working on mixing and matching your spooky Halloween outfits, but before you head to ShopZ, slow down and check out the upcoming events for this week!

This is what you can expect in Woozworld this week:

Thurs October 10: CrEeEeEp it reeeeaaaal and check out the stylish new outfits in ShopZ!

Fri October 11: Got something on your mind? Stop by Yada Yada's Unitz to chat her up and see who else stops by!

Sat October 12: Get lost in this week's October Maze! Make your way to the end for a sweet prize!

Sun October 13: Contest tiiiiiiime! We wanna hear you turn your fave tunes into some spOoOoOoOoOky soundtrackz!

Mon October 14: It's Canadian Thanksgiving!! Put your Canadian knowledge to the test with our Canadian Thanksgiving Quiz! (Answer every question correctly and you'll get an..........eh)

Tues October 15: The new Star of the Week will be announced! Find out who won.

Wed October 16: WeakLinkZ is back!! Join Jenny this week and see if you can make it to the end!

Don't forget about our awesome Instagram contests! Check 'em out here :)

I'm really enjoying exploring all of the Unitz in Woozworld, so, if you see me around, don't be shy - gimme a holler!

What are you most looking forward to this week? Let me know in the comments :)

Cheers, Woozens!


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