WoozNewZ: June 20, 2019

Hiiiii Woozens!

It's me, your favourite (? maybe?) Yada! How are you feeling this week? If you were excited for Prom last week, you're probably literally climbing the walls this week! If you didn't know... Prom is on June 28! You can get the full Prom itinerary here. And you can get this week's full itinerary right down below!

This is what you can expect in Woozworld this week:

Thurs June 20: Neeeeewwwww Outfitsssssss in ShopZ! Can ya tell I'm excited?

Fri June 21: I'm back to talk your ear off at Yada Yada Yada with YadaYada! I'll be popping in throughout the day so get ready to gab.

Sat June 22: There's a new #WzwOOTW in town! (Actually, there'll be two this week!) Check them out on our Instagram page.

Sun June 23: Give us your opinion in the Woozen Poll!

Mon June 24: Film buffs, rejoice because... It's a Movie Quiz*! If you finish it you'll win some sweet, silvery Beex.

Tues June 25: Jenny and Max are touring YOUR Prom 2k19 Unitz! Get ready to party with Woozworld's fave lovebirds starting around 4PM WT.

Wed June 26: It's Jay's turn to party! He's gonna be visiting your Prom 2k19 Unitz starting around 3PM WT, so get ready, y'all!

Remember, I like having company during my coffee breaks, so keep your eyes peeled for me around Woozworld in the afternoon!

*Links will be added soon!

So, that's what we've got for you this week! What are you most looking forward to? Let me know in the comments :)

Have a great week, Woozens!


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