WoozNewZ: June 16 - June 22

Hiihiiii Woozens!

HOW is it going?

I know you're countin' down the days until PROM....Buuuuuuut before you get more deets on that, check out what's to come your way this week!

This is what you can expect in Woozworld this week:

Thurs June 16: Look royally stylish with the hottest trends! Head to ShopZ for the new looks!

Fri June 17: Have you seen the awesome new Dragon Furniture?! Design the perfect Prom party in the Dragon Prom Unitz Design Contest!

Sat June 18: Wouldn't ya know it, we totes forgot about the Prom Playlist! *Must be that Prom-brain, plz send coffee* Drop us your fave tune and we'll share your top picks in a blog!

Sun June 19: Make your way through the Dragon Maze!

Mon June 20: Don't forget to vote vote vote for your new Star of the Week!

Tues June 21: Got an awesome Wired Game you wanna show off? Comment the Unitz name below and you might see me there!

Wed June 22: Check out these supes adorrrrrbs Couples Selfies!

What are you most looking forward to this week? Let me know in the comments! :)

Guac 'n' roll!


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