WoozNewZ: January 2 - January 8

Hihihihiii Woozens!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Are we all feeling some New Year, New Me vibes?

I hope you're all enjoying your vacays and that you're stuffing your face with goodies and chocolates. While you're at it, sit back, and check out the upcoming events for this week!

This is what you can expect in Woozworld this week:

Thurs January 2: Still don't have an outfit for the 2019 Ultimate Selfie Contest? Now's your chance to put together the perfect selfie! Throw it back with all of the outfits from 2019! Hit up the Mega Sale in ShopZ!

Fri January 3: The winners of the 2019 Ultimate Selfie Contest will fiiiiiiinally be announced!

Sat January 4: DID YOU KNOW that today is National Trivia day?! What better way to celebrate than with a Quiz of random trivia questions?! AaAaAaAaAnd...The results from the 2020 Goalz List will also be posted!

Sun January 5: Gone away is the bluebird, here to stay is the new bird! It's National Bird Day (aka Yada's fave day of the year), and we wanna see your fave birds in this week's Drawing Contest!

Mon January 6: A new Star of the Week is born! Find out who won.

Tues January 7: Get that sweet, sweet victory over your fellow Woozens at a game of Revenge!

Wed January 8: New year, new game! Join iCaramba for a game of Song Sing-Along...You already know the rules, just finish the lyrics!

What are you most looking forward to this week? Let me know in the comments :)

Guac 'n' roll!


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