WoozNewZ: August 6 - August 12

Hiiiiii Woozens!

How's your week going? Good? GREAT!

I know, I know, you're all super busy working on your vids for the WNS Singing Competition! (Can't wait to hear you guys belt out those notes!) BUUUUUT, why not take a quick break and check out all the fun comin' your way this week!

This is what you can expect in Woozworld this week:

Thurs August 6: Let your Superstar style shiiiiiine with these new outfits! Head to Shopz for this week's super styles! Don't forget to check out the new Treasure Thursday Blog! AND you won't wanna miss these adorable Friendship Day Selfie Contest winners!

Fri August 7: Cruise on over to these winning Wacky Wednesday Unitz Designs! AND you won't believe the talent behind these winning Clown Drawings! We've also got some Music Quizzes to help you celebrate everything MUSIC!

Sat August 8: Shine bright like the star you are in the Superstar Selfie Contest! AND we've got a brand new Woozen Poll for you!

Sun August 9: Every superstar needs a place to strut their stuff, am I right? Let your creativity shine in the Superstar Unitz Design Contest!

Mon August 10: A new Star of the Week is born! Find out who won.

Tues August 11: These Superstar Selfie Contest Winners sure know how to shiiiine! AND test your luck at a round of Lucky / Unlucky!

Wed August 12: Wednesdays were made to be wAcKy! Check out this week's wAcKy WeDnEsDaY.........and keep your eyes peeled for this week's Wacky Wednesday Contest! Speaking of wacky....there's a new game comin' at ya! Stay tuned for a blog with all the rules!

What are you most looking forward to this week? Let me know in the comments :)

Guac 'n' roll!


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