WoozCup 2022 Final Score?

Woozens enthusiasts of soccer,

At 45 of the second half, toe to toe, HollyWooz United was on the offensive, but the defense from Real HollyWooz was not ready to back down! In the stands, Camilla and Zoey were also engaged in a (not so chilled) argument about who has the most fashion uniform! All across Woozworld the players were cheering and doing their best. The game was about to end, everyone was waiting for the referee's whistle...

But it didn't come…

"What?" I asked myself, "Where is the referee?"

He was nowhere to be seen! At the height of the competition, he was just... Gone. The players were still on the field, but we had no score, no way to say who was the winner!

Rumors began to spread quickly, was he paid to leave? Was the game rigged? Where is the WoozCup Score?!

-Takes a deep breath-

Fine, I'll do it myself!

After some investigation (thank you WMZ and gossip fans for streaming the whole WoozCup on the WoozIn), I bring to you the results of our fierce competition!

With 57% of the goals, Real HollyWooz is the winner of the WoozCup 2022! Zoey is waving to her fans! The paparazzi are going craaaazy!

Congratulations to all players from Real Hollywooz team! You'll receive an Achievement+Title to display your victory, a PoseZ to show off your well deserved trophy and a Speech Bubble, so everyone knows they are talking to a winner!

This was an intense competition, congrats to everyone who participated! But there's still something weird about the referee just leaving without a trace, I can feel it in my toes... Or maybe it is just the winter cold. Speaking of... has anyone seen my shoes?


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