WNS Battle of the Bands Winners!

Superstar Woozens,

You did it! You supported your chosen band and helped them really make their mark during our Battle of the Bands.

But, as you know, one band has to be declared the winner.

The band that came out on top during our Battle of the Bands 2020 is...

Twenty Odd Zoomies!

Though Lib Street Revival's fans were a force to be reckoned with, TOZ's fans' hard work and dedication couldn't be beat.

TOZ fandom, listen up! TOZ would like to thank each of you by awarding you with an ~exclusive~ achievement and title along with a gorgeous TOZ Trophy to show off.

Congrats on your big win! Hard work truly does pay off.

Oh! One more thing.

Since TOZ's win, LSR has reached out to congratulate them. We're told they're working to put their differences aside and possibly even collaborate on some music in the future. A happy ending all around!