WNS: Battle of the Bands

Rockin' Woozens,

The event of the summer is upon us! That's right; Woozworld's Next Superstar is back.

This year, we're doing it up a little differently. Instead of battling it out with each other for superstar domination, you'll be battling it for your favorite band. Yes; it's a good, old-fashioned Battle of the Bands!

The bands you'll be fighting for are:

Twenty Odd Zoomies (AKA TOZ/XXOZ) a well-known rock band from Cortoza. They've enjoyed mainstream success here in Woozworld for a while now and they have a very loyal fanbase.

Lib Street Revival (AKA L=R/LSR,) a genre-defying indie band out of, you guessed it, Lib Street. They've been very popular in Woozworld's underground music scene, but haven't quite achieved mainstream success.

XXOZ and L=R don't exactly get along, but more on that later.

You'll have to choose which band you want to support. Once you've made your choice, you'll get access to some sweet band merch and furniture. The more you have, the more you show your support!

This battle isn't about which band has the most fans; it's really about which band has the most dedicated fans. You'll fight for your band by taking down your rival superfans through a series of PoseZ, instruments and hand accessories. Support your band with all your heart and they might just win the whole thing!

The band with the most dedicated fans will be declared a winner and their loyal fans will be rewarded with an achievement and title, along with some other goodies.

Come back soon to learn more about each band before making your choice. Trust me, you won't wanna miss this drama.

Now, ready yourselves to rock!

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