WNS 2021: Unitz Design Finalists

What's up, designers!?

Dev here! We met a while back in my studio. I asked you guys to design a sweet backstage greenroom for the world's Superstars!

I've been chilling in all of your Unitz to try and find the best of the best! You guys really know how to make a Superstar feel comfy before a big show!

I've narrowed it down to my top 10 backstage Unitz, and it's about time I shared 'em with you!

CONGRATS to the top 10 Unitz Design Finalists! Visit them with your friends by clicking on them below.

Darkovia's Unitz

Descants's Unitz

Aeru's Unitz

scorpiodoll's Unitz

iforgor's Unitz

-HarryP's Unitz

omighty's Unitz

FelicityFlower's Unitz

Raelovespell's Unitz

SammyWoz's Unitz

Once you've visited all of 'em, it's time to vote! You've got a few days before the voting ends, but don't wait until the last minute! Vote for your favourite Backstage Unitz here before Monday, August 30 at 9 AM!

AND some of you lucky runner-ups and participants will also receive a sweet prize from me!

Congratulations, Woozens!