Masterclass Lesson 1: Introduction to Wiring

Wired MasterClass Lesson 1

Welcome to your first Wired MasterClass lesson! In this lesson we will cover:

  • How to wire furniture together
  • How to wire multiple pieces of furniture in a row
  • Building your first simple circuit

A Wired Gift

Before we dive in, you're going to need your own Wired Furniture. To get started, you can use this link to receive FREE Electric Ores that can be used to craft the items required for this lesson. You can craft the required items from the Wired section in Navigation.

For this lesson, you will need one Switch and one Blockade:

Switches allow you to send a signal and Blockades can be used as passages. By wiring the two together, you can make the Switch open the Blockade!

Wiring Furniture Together

Place both the Switch and Blockade furniture in your Unitz. Once you've added at least ONE Wired furniture to your Unitz, a new Wired Tool will appear in your Edit toolbar:

Click on it to switch to the Wired Tool mode. Once you're in Wired Tool mode, all of the Wired furniture will appear in a darker highlight with a yellow dot in the middle. This way, you can see what furniture can be wired:

Now you'll want to wire the Switch to the Blockade:

  1. Click on your Switch
  2. Then, you can decide which "output" you want to connect your Switch to (You'll learn more later about different types of outputs, but Switches only have one output). Choose "Power Output A" to start plug in your wire.
  3. Now, you just need to complete the circuit. Select the Blockade to automatically plug it there:

Et voilà, your first wiring is complete! Close Edit Mode and test your circuit by clicking on the Switch. If you did everything properly, the Blockade path will open when you the Switch ON. It will close again when you turn the Switch OFF:

Wiring Multiple Blockades

Can you plug in multiple Blockades to be controlled by a single Switch? Absolutely! Each Blockade has its own output that can be connected to another Blockade. When the Switch is activated, all of the Blockades will open:

Hot tip: To make the process a little easier/faster, you can double-click on any Wired Furniture item that has a single output to automatically start wiring it without having to select which output.

Another hot tip for web users: You can hold down the SHIFT key when plugging in multiple Wired Furniture items to go faster.

Wiring Your First Circuit

Play around with the different Wired Furniture features to get the hang of it! What can you create by using these basic Switches and Blockades? Maybe a gate-system to control who can come in your Unitz? Or maybe a basic lever-and-gates maze? The possibilities are endless!

If you're ready to dive deep into more complex Wired Furniture features, you can head right to Wired MasterClass Lesson #2.