MasterClass Lesson 3: Floor Switches

Wire MasterClass Lesson 3: Floor Switches

Floor Switches are one of the easiest types of wired furniture. Floor Switches have one input and one output that can be triggered by a Woozen or BestiZ standing on them. Note: to activate a Floor Switch, you need to stand on it. Walking over it will not activate the switch.

Inputs / Outputs

Power Input

Floor switches have one Power Input. If you don't wire a Power Input, the Floor Switch will always be active. As soon as a Woozen or BestiZ steps on a Floor Switch, it will activate and send a continuous signal to the wired output.

If you wire a Power Input, it will act as an activation signal for the Floor Switch, meaning, the Input can determine if the Floor Switch is active or not. When the wired Input is ON, the Floor Switch will be active and responsive. If that Input is OFF, the Floor Switch will not be active.

Power Output

Type: Continuous signal

Floor switches have only one Power Output. If the Floor Switch is active, the Power Output will emit a signal as long as a Woozen or a Bestiz is standing on top of it.


In this MasterClass walkthrough, we will step by step go over floor switches and how they work. To follow, you will need a Floor Switch, Blockade and Switch.

First, place your Blockade and Floor Switch in your Unitz like so:

While in Edit Mode, open the Wire Menu and select the Floor Switch. Connect the Power Output A to the Blockade :

Close the Wire Menu and step on your Floor Switch.

Let's add a Switch into the mix to control our Floor Switch. Add a Switch to your Unitz like this :

While in Edit Mode, open the Wire Menu of the switch and connect Power Output A to the Floor Switch :

If you close the Wire Menu, you will see you've created a Wire chain. For the Blockade to open, you need to activate the Switch but you also need to stand on the Floor Switch.

Stay tuned for our next lesson all about Switches.

Staying Wired,

Woozworld Staff