Wired Defenses

Space adventurers,

So, you know that deep space can be wild and unpredictable, right? This is why rule number 41 from The Adventurer's Guide to the Deep Space suggests something pretty crucial:

Booby trap your UnitZ! (which sounds way more professional in its original alien dialect)

Think about it. We're not the only ones cruising around in this massive universe. What if some of our visitors aren't exactly friendly? That's where Colony VI comes into play.

We're calling on all you creative minds to step up and help reinforce the defenses of Colony VI. We need your genius to design a seriously awesome and aesthetically pleasing Space UnitZ.

But here's the twist: it's got to have a tricky puzzle or maze wired into it - something to slow down any unwanted guests who might try to crash the party.

Here's the deal: Send us your UnitZ creation, and include a little note explaining how to crack the maze (just in case any of our Colony VI peeps get lost or stuck).

We will have a top 20.

The best UnitZ not only gets 10 000 Wooz, 40 000 beex, and a special title but will also become an official Colony VI UnitZ!

The runner-up will receive 5000 Wooz, 20000 Beex, and a special title.

So, get those wires sparking and let your creativity fly! Good luck, wiring-crafters!


- Your UnitZ must have a Wired Puzzle or Maze created using Wired Furniture. It must be fun to explore, but not impossible to cross.

- Please ensure your UnitZ adheres to the theme and complies with the Woozworld code of conduct.

- The UnitZ will be evaluated by visual, creativity, and how much they fit with Colony VI aesthetics.

- Your submission must be done and sent by May 27, at 3 p.m. W.T.

You can submit your Unitz, here!