Will You Be Prom Royalty?

Prom-tastic Woozens,

Are you ready to party at one of the biggest nights in Woozworld? If not, do not worry! With prom happening on July 6th, you still have a few weeks to prepare. ;)

Of course one of the best things about Prom is... Prom Royalty! This year's Prom Royalty will receive:

- an exclusive Achievement and title

- 2 Hairs with a Prom crown

- 3,000 Wooz

Starting early next week, Prom Crowns will be appearing around Woozworld. Collect these crowns to complete your Prom Royalty achievements. When you complete achievements, you will receive some Quests. These Quests are your tickets to becoming Prom Royalty!

As you complete Quests, you'll earn Prom Ballots. The 50 Woozens with the most Prom Ballots by July 3rd will receive the prize listed above. 50 Woozens will also be selected at random to win, too! All together, that's 100 Woozens who will become Prom 2k18 Royalty!

There will be more Prom news coming soon, including about how Prom could be hosted in YOUR Unitz!

Stay royal Woozens,

Your Prom-tastic Woozband