Will You Be Prom 2k19 Royalty?

Royal Woozens,

Are you ready to party at Prom? We hope you've found your date and are practicing your dance MoveZ. Woozworld's official Prom will take place on June 28, but before that, there's something important we need to discuss: voting for Prom King, Queen and Royalty!

We be you're wondering, "How could I become Prom King, Queen or Royalty?" Well, here's your step-by-step guide of what you need to do:

1. Pick what you want to be nominated for

Starting Friday, June 14, you will receive a Quest that will allow you to choose if you want to run for Prom King, Queen or Royalty. Your Woozen doesn't define what you want to run for, you do!

2. Collect Prom Ballots

Prom ballots will be appearing around Woozworld until 9am on June 25. You want to collect as many ballots as you can. There won't be a ballot-collecting leaderboard to show you who's the frontrunner (it's just like real-life campaigning!), but you can follow achievements to see how many ballots you've collected.

*optional* 2.1 Wear the Prom Ballot SymbZ to get some extra speed

You can get a Prom Ballot SymbZ from ShopZ that will give you some extra speed to get to those ballots! One is available for Beex and one for Wooz. Both will only have a speed effect until June 25 at 9AM.

3. Voting from June 26 to June 27

For each Prom Title, there will be 20 nominees (the top 10 collectors + 10 random collectors.) Voting will be accessible via your Quest Journal. We will only be accepting 1 vote per Woozen. If we find duplicates, they will be removed.

4. Prom King, Queen and Royalty announcement

The winners will be announced at the ~Official~ Prom event on June 28. Your hosts, Plush and Yada, will be in the official Woozworld Prom Unitz for about 30 minutes, where the Prom King, Queen and Royalty will be announced. After this, they'll visit your Prom Unitz one last time!

5. Prizes

Every Woozen nominated will receive a Prom 2k19 Nominee achievement, as well as a hair-only colourable Prom King/Queen/Royalty crown + 5,000 Wooz. Prom King/Queen/Royalty will receive a fully colourable crown and hair + royal sceptre + 10,000 Wooz.

We hope that you will enjoy Prom and we can't WAIT to see your gorg get-ups and gowns.

Your Woozband