Will you be Lib Street's Next Superstar?

Superstar Woozens,

Are you ready to sing your heart out? To climb to the top of the Superstar leaderboard? To bring your team to victory? If you answered yes to any of these questions, Lib Street's Next Superstar is for you!

Lib Street just got a super makeover and is looking for its next big superstars! Lib Street's Next Superstar will begin very soon but first, we have some coaches to introduce you to. Soon, you will choose a coach who will guide on your journey to be number one. Meet them down below!


Lil Wooz X has always had big dreams of being famous. From his humble start creating comedy videos to his mega successful, chart-topping debut single Old Wooz Road, you can tell he's worked hard to achieve his dream. But, Lil Wooz isn't ALL work, work, work. This is a guy who knows how to have fun, too! From his genre-defying music to his flamboyant style, Lil Wooz always makes sure to let his fun-loving spirit shine through. He's not someone who's obsessed with labels or genres; he just likes to do his own thing. And if you choose him as your coach, he'll be sure that you do your own thing, too.


It surely doesn't come as any surprise that Ellie Beexish began singing and writing her own songs at a young age, since his talented teen has succeeded in ruling the charts with her unique alt-pop sound. Though she loves and takes inspiration from different genres, such as pop, hip-hop and rock, Ellie has managed to chisel out a unique pop sound that's all hers. She likes to take expectations and flip them upside down. Stepping out of her comfort zone IS Ellie's comfort zone. Staying weird is what Ellie does best and she'd love to have you along for the ride. So, if you're looking for a coach who will push you to accept and grow your own quirks and oddities, Ellie Beexish is the one for you.


Zariana, AKA the reigning Princess of Pop, is no stranger to the limelight. After growing up as a child actor, she decided to leave it behind to pursue a career in music and she hasn't even slowed down to glance back. This hard-worker has released back-to-back hit albums while balancing a busy tour schedule as well as a not-so-private personal life. She lives a life of luxury and loves it, but has worked hard to earn it. Zariana's sweet, yet sassy, nature has kept her on top of the game; her kindness is legendary, but do not try to take advantage of it. She was made for this business and she knows how to work it. Hard work and perseverance will be expected if you choose Zariana as your coach, but, trust us, it'll definitely pay off.

Now that you met the coaches, you have some time to think it over. Is there one that stands out to you?

Stay tuned for the big details on how you can be Lib Street's Next Superstar!

Your Coaching Woozband