Wild West Prom Royal Contest

Wild Woozens, it's your favorite time of year: PROM TIME!

This year, our theme will be wild, wild west! It's time to rustle up your fanciest threads, lasso yourself a date and scuff up the dancefloor.

As per usual, we'll have some Prom competitions (prompetitions, anyone? Yes? No? I'm sorry) but this year things will be a liiiiittle different.

We'll have three (gender-neutral!) Royal Titles that you can compete for: Prom Royalty, Prom Ruler and Prom Reign. These titles are all completely equal, just like when we've had prom kings, queens and crowns in the past. We've just made them less gender-specific. You'll even get to choose which title you compete for!

Our first round of Prom title nominees (or should I say prominees?... sorry) will be determined by a friendly little competition: Capture the Outlaws! That's right, there will be outlaws appearing around Woozworld and it'll be up to you to catch them. The top 20 Woozens who capture the most outlaws will be entered as nominees for their chosen title. To add a little excitement, 10 Woozens who've captured at least 100 outlaws will be chosen at random and entered as nominees as well. That means each title (Royalty, Ruler and Reign) will have 30 nominees.

Once the nominees are announced, it'll be time for the voting to start! You, the Woozens, will vote for the top 5 for each title. Before we move on, let's go over the rules when it come to voting:

  • All double votes will be removed. So, voting for a Woozen several times on different accounts? Not gonna work this time, pals. Those votes won't be counted toward the total.
  • Bribing others to vote for a Woozen will be frowned upon. Big time. If you do this, you could end up hurting you or your fave candidate's chances. If you get caught bribing on behalf of someone else, you risk being sanctioned and/or having your prom invite revoked.
  • Spamming for votes will also be frowned upon. Again, it could end up hurting candidate's chances of winning. Again, if you're caught spamming on behalf of someone else, you risk being sanctioned and/or having your prom invite revoked.
  • Before the results of the votes are announced, each possible candidate will be vetted. That's right; we'll be checking out both their sanction and chat histories. It'll be up to us to decide which possible candidates will make it to the top 5. We'd like the winners of these titles to be an example for the community, so a good attitude is important.

After our top 5 has been announced, each candidate will have to create a Wild West Prom Unitz. You, the Woozens, will then vote for your favorite Royalty, Ruler and Reign Unitz. The candidate whose Unitz has the most votes will win their respective title!

The winner of each title will be rewarded with 3 different hairs (one long, one medium and one short) with a colorable Wild West Crown. The other Woozens in the top 30 of each title will also be rewarded with the 3 hairs with a non-colorable crown.

We know there's a lot of information to take in here, but we think this year's prompetition (I'm just gonna go with it, guys) will be one to remember!

So, grab your dancin' boots, practice your yEEEEhaws and get ready to kick up some dust for Prom 2020!

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