Who is going to be Woozmas Next Superstar?

Superstar Woozens,

The time has come for you to claim your place in stardom! And, as you already know, this year we won't have a normal WNS, but a Woozmas Superstar!

Every year, radio stations and streaming platforms can't get enough of Jingle Bells. But we are here to change this with a new spin on the classics, and send it directly to the top of the charts!

To have a chance to become a Superstar, all you have to do is get creative and let the music flow on this contest! Woozify one of the classic songs of this time of year and make it your own. Change the lyrics to make it catchy so all the Woozens can sing it when SantaWooz arrives with your gifts.

But we can already see you asking "Can I make a special video clip?", and the answer is… OF COURSE! A superstar with a strong presence can make the difference.

"But my Woozmas wish is to sing along with the video!" you say, and we love that idea! Give it your best shot! May you be pitch perfect or just enthusiastic, we'll be looking forward to your superstar debut. The most important thing is: just have fun with it, after all… it is Woozmas time!

The best Woozmas songs will be posted in a blog on the 22 of December. The woozens on the top of the charts will receive an unique Achievement+Title and a very special reward!

Below are rules for the contests:

- To enter, you will need to woozify a classic Xmas song and make it your own.

- The video cannot give any personal info or show any real life elements

- You can only submit one song, but it can be accompanied by a video clip with an audio sung by you!

- You must submit your Song before December 20th

Shine bright, Woozens!

Woozworld Staff