Where Is The Woozband?


The Woozband is (probably) MISSING!

Since that bizarre blog post was created, no one has seen the Woozband, not even on their alleged "separate Spring Break trips." With Woozens flocking to destinations such as New York City, HollyWooz, the Botanical Gardens and Max's Basement, we all expected to find the Woozband enjoying themselves. But... They were nowhere to be found.

Strange, right?

But that's not even the strangest part, Woozens! No, not by a long shot.

Have another look at that blog post... Notice anything strange? I know I have a keener eye than most, so I'll show you exactly what I mean.

Exhibit A: The Z's

All the Z's in the post are capitalized. Now, I know we at Woozworld like our Z's, but this is just absurd. It's almost as if someone (an imposter) were trying to seem as if they are part of the Woozband... Interesting.

Exhibit B: The Misspellings

Jen Wooz? Mia Wooz? Would the Woozband really make such glaring mistakes? We all know they make plenty of typos (-cough- Mya -cough-), but even I don't think they would misspell their names like this.

Exhibit C: The Tone

Compare this post with past ones. Doesn't it seem a little... Flat? The Woozband usually uses exclamation marks like they're going out of style (a little too enthusiastic if you ask me.) There is not a single exclamation mark in this last post. Very suspicious.

I, for one, will be investigating this mysterious disappearance, but I may need some help. Do you think you're up for the challenge? Think you have what it takes to work alongside an icon?

If so... Think back to the last place the Woozband was reportedly together... The H.M.S. Valenship. What do we really know about its mysterious owner, Her Majesty? Not a lot. Because I'm excellent at sleuthing, I was able to locate her personal cruise cabin. You're welcome. Search it for clues to her identity and we'll get to the bottom of this.

Looking for answers,