Welcome to YetiLand

Thrill-seeking Woozens,

As you may have heard, this season, we're headed to Woozworld's newest theme park... YETILAND!

Doors aren't open yet, but we've heard there are alllll kinds of ride-diculous YetiLand Unitz to visit!

YetiLand's most famous rollercoaster, The Punisher, is a true sight to behold! Unfortunately... There seems to be a screw loose or something... The Punisher is still under construction!

Don't let that bring you down! YetiLand has all sorts of other awesome attractions from food to fun to... fortune telling.

Not only are there multiple Unitz in YetiLand, but there is also a fun & fantastic new furniture line full of wacky and wonderful YetiLand items! Of course, you KNOW we'll wanna see what kind of YetiLand YOU can create! Keep your eyes peeled for a Unitz Design Contest!

The grand opening will be Wednesday, September 14 at 4 PM WT. Plush will be in attendance and you may be able to get some YetiLand merch (if you're quick). Once the doors open, make your way through YetiLand and check out all the fun & games waiting for you!

Woozworld Staff

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