Welcome to Woozworld, Caps!

Welllllll, Woozens, we figured out where those crates came from. And who they belong(ed) to.

Turns out the crates were shipped here by the Caps, a family who's moving into the area. They explained the address mix-up, we explained the opening and selling mix-up, and everything turned out (sorta) okay. We even (sorta) became friends!

But, we have to say, they are a very interesting family.

They're very... Dark. And serious. And kinda spooky.

Also, they don't "believe" in internet???? Like, it's 2020. Weird.


About the family:

Lord Cap (the family patriarch) comes from a long line of furniture tycoons, which explains why they weren't too upset by the whole crate-opening debacle. He describes his furniture as "classic gothic, with a dark twist."

Lady Cap, Lord Cap's wife, is a well-established interior designer, so these two are basically the perfect match. She describes her design style as "classic gothic, with a dark twist."

Their daughter, Joliette, is an aspiring artist. She describes her art style as "classic gothic, with a dark twist."

We would also describe their fashion sense as "classic gothic, with a dark twist."

Bit of a theme here, huh?

Anyway, strange or not, we hope you give the Caps a warm, Woozworld welcome! You can do so in the comments below :)

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