Welcome to Woozdovia

Festive Woozens,

We've been keeping a little something from you... A festive little something.

The Village of Woozdovia!

The Village of Woozdovia, an off-shoot from the most magical NationZ of Mystic Alley, is Woozworld's Woozmas village! In Woozdovia, it's Woozmas, Woozmas, Woozmas.

All year, Woozdovians prepare for Woozmas, planning festivals, markets, choirs and plays for the most wonderful time of the year. It's a joyous village full of smiling faces, hot chocolate and cheer.

This year, the people of Woozdovia have invited you, the Woozens, to join in on the festivities! You'll soon be able to visit this beautiful little village and maybe even meet some Woozdovians ;)

Keep an eye out for Woozdovia in the Navigator so you don't miss an ounce of holiday cheer!

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