Welcome to the Woozworld School of Design!

Back-to-school Woozens,

We'd like to say "Welcome back!" but that won't quite fit this year...

Because we're going to a whole new school!

Goodbye Woozworld High, hello Woozworld School of Design (WSD!)

That's right, this year you'll be attending the most prestigious design school in all of Woozworld. There, you'll be able to learn all kinds of aspects of design, but we're gonna start the school year off with...

Fashion design!

-pause for applause-

Yes, we're focusing on one of Wooozworld's favorite activities this month!

With the help of WSD's fashion design teacher, Miss Kraft, you'll be creating some seriously stylish backpacks. And, get this, there will be over 75 different varieties for you to create! :o Yes, you read that right: 75+ cool backpacks for you to not only create but to wear, too.

And that's not all.

There will also be a friendly little backpack-crafting contest, complete with a daily leaderboard! But, more about that later ;)

Soon, you'll be meeting with Miss Kraft. She'll tell you a little about herself before giving you something very special: the Level 1 Backpack Crafting Table. This is where you'll start your backpack-crafting journey before moving on to the Level 2 and Level 3 Backpack Crafting Tables. We'll have more details about those soon!

For now, spend some time exploring your new school. Class will be in session before you know it! Check your Quest Journal to see where you should begin.

Have fun :)