Welcome to the Wild Wild Woozt

Howdy Woozens,

We're excited to announce that we are taking a trip to Woostead Valley, one of Woozworld's oldest towns. Originally it was established for those trying to cash in on the gold rush but now, it's a small town being run by the local sheriff and community.

Woozstead Valley has all the local amenities:

- Sheriff's office run by Sheriff Florence

- Yetis 'n Ladders Saloon owned by Bill and run by Imogen and Pearl

- Mary's General Store run by Mary herself

- Woozstead Bank run by Rudy

- The Sleepy Pillow Hotel managed by Dale

So saddle up your horses, hit the old town road and ride into the wild, wild woozt (we had to, don't @ us).

Giddy up!

iCaramba, Plush & YadaYada

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