Walter Wattlesworth, Explorer Extraordinaire!

Adventure-loving Woozens, listen up!

There's someone we'd like you to meet...Walter Wattlesworth!

Walter is a highly knowledgeable explorer and adventurer and he's even worked with one of Woozworld's most legendary adventurers; GoodoldWooz.

While Walter is highly knowledgeable, he's also a little...What's the word...Clumsy? Accident-prone? Awkward? Uncoordinated? Suffice it to say, he tends to get himself into some sticky situations (and he's gotten GoodoldWooz into some, as well.)

That being said, Walter has just embarked on a new expedition to Woozworld's Desert (yes, we have a desert!) and he's probbbably gonna need your help. He's looking for a mythic pyramid, which is said to house the remains of the ancient Pharaoh XerxeZ. The pyramid is said to be fiiiilled with mounds of ancient treasures. That XerxeZ Pharaoh Crown? Just the tip of the iceberg, apparently. Walter wants to find the treasures and secure them in a museum where tomb thieves will never be able to get to it.

Like we said...Walter is a liiiiiittle clumsy and with all the dangers present in the desert, he'll definitely need someone looking out for him and helping him get to the treasure. Think you're up for the task?

Walter's still gearing up for his expedition, but you should get word from him soon. Keep your eyes peeled for a message!

Good luck out there, Woozens!

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